Weekly Price Updates

2nd OF November 2016

The prices attached are an indicative only and should only be used as a guide. Talk with the AEC Sales team for more information on prices.

Table Codes
Availabillity Information
In Good Supply
Limited Supply
Very Limited Supply or Unavailable

Fruit Updates

  1. Stone fruit has just started. Limited supply of white and yellow nectarines and yellow peaches. Good quality fruit with flavour
  2. We're back on with great quality rockmelons from Humptey Doo
  3. Good week for top quality seedless melons
Fruit Updates
Produce Price Range Availability Comment
Avocado Premium Ranging from $50.00 Good Supply
Avocado Hass Class 1 NSW $45.00 Light supply
Avocado Hass Class 1 WA $45.00 Class 1 from WA
Avocado Hass Bulk Medium/Large $80.00 Premium Quality, very light supply
Avocado Premium Bulk $70.00 Very light supply
Limes Unavailable
Limes bulk
Valencia Orange Bins From $320.00 Sweet and Juicy, cuts great and eats well
Melon Honeydew Unavailable
Melon Rock $18.00 - $20.00 Great Quality, sweet tasting
Melon Seedless From $1.20 Great Quality
Piel De Sapo $20.00 to $24.00 Excellent quality Piel De Sapo's available
Sultana Dried Starting from $60.00 Available in 12.5kg

Vegetable Updates

  1. Corn supply is also light this week
  2. All salads will be coming from Victoria as local has finished
Vegetable Updates
Produce Price Range Availability Comment
3 in 1 combo $1.80
Alfalfa $1.40 In 125g size
Alfalfa $3.50 In 500g size
Alfalfa Mixed Flavours $1.40 In 125g size preorder only
Crunchy Combo $1.40
Beans Butter Unavailable
Beans HP $70.00
Beans Machine $25.00
Beans Mung $1.40
Beans Sprout $1.40 In 250g sizes
Beans Sprout $3.20 1kg Price
Beans Sprout $5.50 2kg sizes. Preorder only
Beetroot Bag $10.00 10kg
Beetroot Bunch $2.00
Broccoli Starting at $16.00
Broccoli Baby No tags
Cabbage Unavailable
Carrots Baby $1.40
Cauliflower Unavailable
Celeriac $4.00
Celery Unavailable
Choy Bok $1.00
Choy Pak $1.00
Choy Sum $1.00
Corn Loose $16.00
Corn Prepack $24.00
Edible Flowers $3.00 Good supply
Eggplant Unavailable
Fresh Garlic Bunch Unavailable
Gem Squash Unavailable
Leeks Unavailable
Kale Sleeved Unavailable
Kale Unsleeved $1.40
Kale Tuscan Unavailable
Lettuce Cos Baby $10.00
Lettuce Oak Green $8.00
Peeled Golden Shallots Unavailable
Pumpkin Butternut Unavailable
Pumpkin Jap Ranging from .40c - .60c Great quality and in good colour
Pumpkin Jarrahdale Unavailable
Radish Bag $1.00 In 250g sizes
Rocket $12.00
Salad Mix $10.00
Snowpea Tendrils Unavailable
Sprouts Lentil $1.40
Sprouts Snowpea $1.50 In 100g sizes
Sprouts Snowpea $6.00 In 500g sizes
Spinach $12.00
Spring Onion $26.00 - $30.00
Tomato Bowen $10.00 - $24.00 Unavailable
Tomato Composit $16.00 - $20.00
Tomato Heirloom $35.00
Tomato Romas $16.00 - $36.00
Turnips Unavailable
Wheatgrass Trays $18.00
Wombok Unavailable
Zucchini Lebanese Unavailable

Herb Updates

All herbs are available can be packed into punnets under the Herb Traders Brand. For large continual orders, contact us here to discuss options to customize and personalize punnet branding.

Product from southern states still short or unavailable due to recent floodings and weather events. Speak to Nick for more information

Herb Updates
Produce Price Range Availability Comment
Basil $1.40
Basil Premium $2.00
Basil Thai $1.40
Chervil $1.40
Chive $1.20
Chive Garlic $1.20
Coriander $1.20 Box lots $1.00
Curry Leaves $2.00
Dill $1.20
Kaffir Lime Leaf $6.00 Limited, Per 100g size
Kaffir Lime Leaf $30.00 Limited, Per 500g size
Lemon Grass $1.20 Per bunch
Lemon Grass $80.00 Per 10kg
Marjoram $1.20
Micro Herb Tray $24.00
Micro Herb Punnet $5.50
Mint $1.20
Mint Sleeved $1.40
Mint Vietnamese $1.40
Oregano $1.40 In Good Supply
Parsley $1.20
Parsley Continental $1.40 In short supply
Rosemary $1.40
Sage $1.40
Tarragon $1.40
Thyme $1.20
Thyme Lemon $1.20
Watercress Baby $1.20