What We Do


What We Do

Alfred E Chave has been a fruit and vegetable wholesaling business for over 40 years.


Alfred E Chave has been a fruit and vegetable wholesaling business for over 100 years.

 Alfred E Chave Pty Ltd is a family owned business that specialises in marketing high quality fresh Australian fruit and vegetables, as well as a growing range of minimally processed fresh products. Owned and operated by the Joseph family since 1975, today, second and third generation family members continue a proud family tradition of fresh produce marketing.

The guiding philosophy at Alfred E Chave has always been Respect, Responsibility and Trust. It is an ongoing commitment to these values, that has allowed Alfred E Chave to successfully establish an extremely robust supply chain, characterised by many long standing relationships with growers, customers and associated supply partners. This approach is successful as it encourages a shared view of success amongst all involved, giving everyone the confidence to continue to improve and grow their businesses.

It doesn’t matter where you are around the world—if you need quality fruit and vegetables, then you can trust our team at Alfred E Chave to supply you with the freshest and best there is.